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China is the largest developing country in the world, and the Chinese market potential is enormous. Many companies will regard the Chinese market as the primary marketing market, and Chinese marketing has become more and more important. As a china digital marketing agency, we focus on digital marketing in China, provide online marketing services, solve the problem of international companies advertising in China, and help international companies to do business in China. We are striving to be the best Chinese online marketing company, and we will provide you with the best online marketing services.

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About us

CHINA YIQUAN Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese marketing agency. YIQUAN provides China online marketing services for international companies, helping companies to quickly start a business in china, establish a brand image and open up the Chinese market.
The services we provide include Chinese website design, WeChat social media marketing, and Chinese SEO services. We will also provide Chinese consulting services to help companies develop a Chinese market entry strategy. China’s Internet market contains 1.3 billion people. China digital agency is very essential to you. We will quickly and accurately do your chinese advertisement business, find your potential customers and provide you with the best service.
Looking forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Question

Feel free to contact us

We offer marketing in chinese services to help you develop online marketing campaign in China. Our services mainly include Chinese website design, Chinese social media marketing, Baidu promotion and integrated marketing.

Our services are helpful for marketing to chinese consumers. First you can design a chinese website and then conduct social media marketing, which is the best marketing strategy in China.

We will provide you with reasonable prices based on your business and we will give you the best Chinese marketing services.

Yes, you can change the services according to your needs after payment, Send us an email, we are happy to process your request.

Yes, you can customize chinese marketing strategy, and we will provide you with China Business Consulting, just send us an email.

First of all, you need to contact us to determine the type of service, and then provide relevant information to us, we will analyze your specific market, and finally we will give you a quotation according to your business type and difficulty level. After the two parties are satisfied, we will start online business in china.

You are free to choose the type of service, and we accept quarterly payments or annual payments. The most commonly used one is PayPal

We will provide you with work content every month, and provide you with detailed data, including article release, website promotion, members and other advertisement data analysis.

The laws in China are complicated, but don’t worry, we have a lawyer consultant who will help you solve this problem. We will provide you with legal digital marketing in China.

You can email us (contact us). We are happy to answer your questions.

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