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How To Advertise On Baidu?

How to advertise on baidu?

Baidu is China’s largest search engine, Baidu is also an important way of Chinese advertising. If you have any question about advertising on Baidu, then this article can completely solve your problem.

What is Baidu promotion?

Baidu promotion is an online marketing service. With Baidu’s over 80% of China’s search engine market share and 600,000 affiliate websites, it has created a supply and demand platform for hundreds of millions of netizens and enterprises. Baidu is the easiest way to find products and services that suit you. It makes companies to get a large number of potential customers with a small investment, and effectively enhance the brand influence of the company.

How does Baidu Promotion bring me customers and orders?

When there is demand from people, Baidu through Baidu search pages and the promotion information display of 600,000 affiliate websites, bringing customers to your website, facilitating communication between the company and customers, finally achieving sales targets.

What promotional information will the company present in Baidu?

Promotion information is mainly composed of three parts: title, description, and website URL.

What are the advantages of Baidu promotion?

Covering 95% of Chinese netizens

The world’s largest Chinese search engine responds to billions of requests per day.


Pay by click effect, no clicks, no charges

Free display of promotional information, only when the customer clicks on the promotion link, no click, no charge.


Accurately lock customers with needs

Use keywords to help you target customers with needs;
Through geographical and time screening, you can help you reach customers with needs in a targeted manner.


Self-promotional flexibility and control

According to your needs, set up regional, time-based delivery, you can also set daily, weekly promotion Spend the upper limit and manage your budget.


What is the difference between Baidu and traditional promotion methods such as newspapers and TV?

Baidu promotion represents the demand marketing of the Internet era, and the fundamental difference between traditional promotion methods such as newspapers and TVs lies in:

Traditional promotion: companies go to customers
Baidu promotion: customers take the initiative to find the company

Do not waste every promotion fee

Traditional marketing: 80% of marketing investment is wasted on “non-leading customers”. Advertising coverage is very broad, and there are very few people who really need it.

Baidu Marketing: Really accurate, every penny is spent on customers with needs. Only let customers with needs see your promotion information.

High customer intention and good effect

Traditional marketing: companies look for customers, do not know the customer’s needs, and have fewer interested customers.

Baidu Marketing: Customers look for enterprises, among the 538 million Chinese netizens, customers with needs will take the initiative to find the company, with more customers.

What is Baidu information flow advertising?

With the development of the Internet, the behavioral characteristics of your potential users on the Internet have also changed, and users are more mobile, younger and more informational. Information reading has become the main network demand after social and search. Based on this, Baidu launched a product form that presents your advertisement when users browse information, that is Baidu information flow advertisement.

Baidu information flow advertisement is an advertisement displayed on Baidu homepage, Baidu Tieba, Baidu APP and other Baidu platforms. Coverage of hundreds of millions of user groups, massive quality content, Baidu with big data, user demand targeting and intelligent delivery technology can help you accurately push ads to your coutomers. Baidu information flow with search promotion, comprehensive upgrade marketing, help you improve user touch effect!

Baidu information flow advertising currently has two kinds of products, one is bidding products, which are purchased according to CPC, paying attention to effect delivery; the other is contract products, which are purchased according to CPT package or CPM, and pay more attention to brand exposure.

How much does Baidu spend to open an account for the first time?

Baidu search promotion adopts prepaid system:

The first time you open an account, you need to pay the basic pre-existing promotion fee of 6,000 yuan (starting), and the service fee is 1,000 yuan (from the beginning). (The service fee and basic pre-existing promotion fee may vary according to the local conditions. The specific cost is agreed by the customer and the service provider.)

After the service is begined, the customer self-selects keywords and sets the delivery plan. When the search user clicks on the customer’s promotion information to access the corporate website, the system will charge the click-through fee from the pre-existing promotion fee. The price per click is determined by the customer. The actual promotion needs are determined autonomously, and customers can control the promotion expenses independently by adjusting the budget.

After the pre-existing promotion fee in the account is completed, the customer can continue to renew or increase the promotion efforts, and obtain more customers and business through Baidu promotion.

The company is small and suitable for Baidu promotion?

Baidu promotion is a cost-effective promotion method. Enterprises can get a large number of potential customers and try advanced search marketing services with a small amount of money.

Baidu has more than 500,000 corporate customers. On average, each customer can invest 20,000 yuan to promote it for one year, with an average of only 81.4 yuan per day. Baidu promotion is not only suitable for large enterprises, but also suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, which is more economical than hiring salesmen and opening offices. At the same time, you can set a weekly and daily budget cap based on your budget so that your costs don’t exceed your budget.

The product is very professional, suitable for Baidu promotion?

The more professional products, the greater the impact of search engines on their purchasing decisions. When customers have demand, they usually use Baidu to search and compare products and company information.

The distribution of professional products is generally very scattered. People want to find them one by one, just like finding a needle in a haystack. On the contrary, they are all searching in Baidu. Through Baidu promotion, customers with needs can take the initiative to find the company. This is any other promotion method can not be achieved.

The more professional your product is, the better your promotion in Baidu is, because the number of customers in your industry is small, so once someone actively searches for your promotion information, the visitor is very interested.

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