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How To Advertise On WeChat?

How to advertise on WeChat?

WeChat is the most used social app in China. Wechat advertising is a kind of Tencent social advertising. It appears in the Moments and WeChat official account, in a form of advertising that is more relevant to the user’s lifestyle.

WeChat Moments advertising

The WeChat Moments ads are displayed in Moments in the form of original content similar to a friend.
Users can interact by means of thumb up, comments, etc., and rely on social relationship chain to spread, which will bring additive effect to brand promotion, and charge according to the number of exposures.

WeChat Moments advertising form

Local promotion advertising

With the help of LBS technology, the local promotion of the Moments can accurately target the surrounding 3-5 km people. Whether you are a new store opening, promotion, new listing, member marketing, local advertising can effectively reach customers and improve the visit of customers. Merchants can enhance the perception of local brands of merchants by means of store names and cities.

Native promotion page ads

The WeChat promotion page can promote the complete brand story based on the content, which can better help the brand enhance the user viewing experience in terms of form technology. The promotion page advertisement consists of two parts: WeChat Moments outer display and inner layer native promotion page. Click to open the original promotion page directly, and the experience flow is natural.

Small video ads

The small video plays by default, clicks to enter the full video, and at the same time, you can choose the jump link to bring the customer “naturally” into the story situation and vividly present the brand idea.

Moments graphic advertising

It is like a friend to share, text, pictures, links can be flexible and freely configured, providing a variety of display forms to meet personalized creative expression.

Buy WeChat Advertising Service


  • Schedule a schedule in advance to lock ads impressions
  • CPM unit price is executed according to the price of the ads
  • A budget of 50,000 yuan
  • Open to all chinese cities
  • Suitable for all Moments ads

Bidding purchase

  • Select the ad display date in advance to target the customers
  • CPM starts at 30 yuan and adjusts bids based on the effect in real time.
  • Daily budget from 1000 yuan
  • Open only other cities (core and key cities are not supported)
  • Applicable only to graphic ad formats

WeChat official account advertising

The WeChat official account advertisement is based on the WeChat official account ecosystem, and appears in the public article in the form of article content, providing various official promotion forms such as official account attention, mobile application download, card coupon distribution, brand event advertisement, etc. It supporting multiple dimensions, combine targeted delivery for efficient conversion.

WeChat official account advertising form

  1. Image ad
    With banner display, flexible and expressive.
  2. Graphic advertisement
    The combination of images and text is easy to make and fits into the WeChat reading scene.
  3. Card advertisement
    It has a small size and rich information, guiding users to the official account, download mobile applications.

WeChat Moments ad VS Official account ad

Brand promotion

  1. Moments ad: The advertisements are integrated into the life scene, let the users know and like your brand, and connect the brand and the user through interaction to enhance the brand awareness and spread.
  2. Official account ad: Concise content, prominent theme, enhanced brand activity exposure, can increase traffic to your website

Official account promotion

  1. Moments ad: Promote the official account in the Moments, Attracting more customers, the natural presentation of advertising also adds value to the brand value.
  2. Official account ad: Promote your Subscription Account, Service Account, increase exposure, and bring fans’ attention

Mobile app promotion

  1. Moments ad: Promote mobile apps in Wechat Moments, and interactive forwarding between friends will increase app download activation, increasing app usage.
  2. Official account ad: One investment in two returns, not only enhances app brand awareness, but also effectively drives app download activation

WeChat coupon promotion

  1. Moments ad: The advertisements are integrated into the life scene, let the users know and like your brand, and connect the brand and the user through interaction to enhance the brand awareness and spread.
  2. Official account ad: Push the preferential information to the user in the form of electronic card coupons, guide consumers to participate in the interaction, and stimulate consumption

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