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Baidu Advertising PPC

We are Baidu advertising PPC agency, PPC is a shorthand for pay per click. Baidu PPC is a way of doing search engine marketing in Baidu, which can make your Chinese website quickly promote in Baidu. This Chinese digital marketing approach can help international companies rapidly build brands in China. As an expert in Baidu digital advertising marketing, we have a wealth of Baidu account management and promotion experience; we will provide you with the best Baidu advertising PPC service.

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Advertising account application
Advertising content creation
Advertising keyword research
Chinese customer group analysis
Baidu advertising strategy
Baidu advertising data analysis
Why choose us?

We have a wealth of experience in Baidu advertising. We’ll try to reduce your advertising spend, then use our experience to make your ads run better.
We will serve ads based on the following:
1user traffic orientation
2visit orientation
3post bar orientation
4geographical location
5mobile orientation
6user orientation
At the same time, we will analyse the advertising data to give you a better Baidu advertising service.

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Frequently Asked Question

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Baidu advertising PPC is an online marketing service in China. With Baidu’s over 80% of China’s search engine market share and 600,000 affiliate websites, it has created a supply and demand platform for linking hundreds of millions of netizens and enterprises. People can find the products and services that are suitable for them most conveniently, and let the company get a large number of potential customers with a small investment, and effectively enhance the brand influence of the company.

To open Baidu promotion, you first need to sign a contract and pay the first account opening fee. Later, relevant personnel will review your relevant qualifications.

1Baidu covers 95% of Chinese netizens. Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, responding to billions of requests every day.
2Pay per click effect, no clicks, no charges, free display of promotional information, customers will only be charged when they click the promotion link, no clicks, no charges
3Precisely lock customers with needs, help you to lock in customers with keywords through keywords, and help you target customers with needs through geographical and time screening.
4Self-promotion is flexible and controllable. According to your needs, you can set the distribution in different regions and time periods. You can also set the daily and weekly promotion spending limit to manage your budget reasonably.

Yes. Baidu promotion is a cost-effective promotion method. Small businesses can get a large number of potential customers and try advanced search marketing services with a small amount of money.

No. We are the agency of Baidu advertising

You can email us (contact us). We are happy to answer your questions.

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