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Baidu SEO Guide 2019: Rank Your Website Quickly

Baidu SEO Guide 2019: Rank Your website quickly

Baidu SEO Guide Forward

Baidu SEO is an important way of internet marketing in China. For many people, not very familiar with Baidu SEO, then you will learn all about Baidu SEO, which will be very helpful for both beginners and SEO experts. In the next, you will see all the guide about Baidu SEO strategies in 2019, which will be of great help to your online marketing in China.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the optimization behavior of improving the number of pages and rankings of web pages in search engine natural search results (non-commercial promotion results). The purpose of this behavior is to get more free traffic from search engines and better display your website. SEM (Search engine marketing) includes both SEO and paid commercial promotion optimization.

Since its appearance in 1997, SEO has gradually evolved into two types of SEO behavior: one is called White Hat SEO, which has improved websites, making them more friendly to search engines and users, get more reasonable traffic. Search engines encourage and support White Hat SEO. Another type is black hat SEO, this type of SEO behavior exploits and amplifies the search engine’s policy flaws (actually the perfect system does not exist) to get more user traffic, and these traffic hurts the user experience. We do not encourage black hat SEO.

Search engine and SEO behavior is a benign symbiotic relationship. For example, many high-quality websites are designed with Flash or Ajax, and search engines cannot crawl and index well. After understanding the basic principles of SEO, the website designer can optimize the website to make the quality of the search function better and improve the user’s search experience. At the same time, for emerging markets like China, traditional SMEs have little experience in how to do Internet marketing.

Now you will learn more about Baidu SEO, understand the working mechanism of the search engine, and guide you to conduct reasonable SEO behaviors. It should be noted that the “Baidu SEO guide 2019” released is still a lot of room for improvement. In the future, we will collect more constructive opinions to continuously improve this guide.

Baidu SEO preliminary preparation

Domain registration

The domain is the user’s first impression of the website. Whether the user can quickly remember the domain is very important to the development of the website. It is recommended to select a domain that is easy for the user to remember and easy to generate trust when registering the domain name, which can improve the return rate and facilitate user recommendation.

  • The domain is as short as possible, and the shorter the domain name, the easier it is for the user to remember.
  • The domain can correspond to the website theme or the website name. People can associate the domain with the website content, such as using the company name, trademark, website name or company product to select the domain.
  • The form of domain suffix used has no effect on Baidu web search, but the domain suffix also needs to be considered for user convenience. Common domain name suffixes such as .com, .cn, and .net are easier to remember. Some uncommon suffixes may cause users to feel distrust and increase the user’s judgment cost.

Hosting (Server)

The speed and stability of the server and hosting directly affect the user experience of the website, and it also affects the crawling of search engines. It is recommended to choose a server or hosting with stable service and fast speed.

Choose a strong formal hosting quotient

The stability of the server and hosting requires a certain technical strength. Some server providers without strength may not be able to provide good services, and the stability of the service cannot be guaranteed. In addition, in order to save resources, some server quotient deliberately blocked the crawling of Baiduspider, resulting in the website being unable to be searched by Baidu webpage.

Guarantee user access speed and stability

Decide which server to choose based on the size of the site and the services to be provided.
Usually, server will have traffic, connections, and functional limitations. Because multiple websites share a single server, stability will be affected, but the price is cheap. Servers have fewer restrictions and can be managed more autonomously, but at a high price. You can make reasonable choices according to your needs.

Select an access provider based on user group distribution

Due to the existence of interworking problems, it is also important to choose an access provider. If the user group is mainly in China Unicom, try to choose Unicom to access better access providers. If the user group is mainly in telecommunications, select a better access provider. If the user base is in the country, then choose a better access provider that is interoperable.

Tip: Before you buy, you can find one or two existing website of the server provider to test the access situation.

Reasonable website design

The search engine is just an ordinary visitor on the website. The way to crawl the website and the value of the website/web page is also from the user’s point of view. Any improvement to the user experience is an improvement to the search engine. Optimization of search engines will also benefit users.

Website design for search engines is divided into three parts: how to better allow search engines to include content on the website, how to get good rankings in search engines, and how to let users click on your website from numerous search results. Simply put, it is include: index, ranking, and display. Below we will introduce each of these three aspects.


Machine readable

Baidu crawls web pages on the Internet through a program called Baiduspider, Baiduspider can only read text content. Non-text content such as flash and pictures cannot be processed temporarily. The text placed in flash and pictures cannot be recognized by Baidu.

It is recommended to use text instead of flash, images, Javascript, etc. to display important content or links.

we suggest:

  • Use text instead of flash, images, Javascript, etc. to display important content or links
  • If you must use Flash to create a web page, it is recommended to create a text version for search engines and use a text link on the home page to point to the text version.
  • Technologies that are not recognized by search engines such as Ajax are used only in places where user interaction is required, and do not put the navigation and body content that the search engine “sees” into Ajax.
  • Do not use the frame and iframe frame structure, the content displayed through the iframe may be discarded by Baidu.

In the above example, although the webpage provides a lot of information, since the information is in the flash, the search engine cannot extract it. For the search engine, the webpage has no content.

Website structure

The website should have a clear structure and clear navigation, which can help users quickly find the content they need from your website, and also help search engines quickly understand the structure of each page in the website.

The structure of the website suggests to use a tree structure. The tree structure is usually divided into the following three levels: Homepage – Channel – Article page. Like a big tree, there is first a trunk (home page), then a branch (channel), and finally a leaf (normal content page). The tree structure is more scalable, and when the content of the website becomes more, it can be easily handled by subdividing branches (channels).

The ideal website structure should be flatter, with as few levels as possible from the home page to the content page, so the search engine will be easier to handle.

At the same time, the website should also be a mesh structure. Each page on the website should have links to the upper and lower pages and related content: the home page has a link to the channel page, and the channel page has links to the home page and the general content page. The normal content page has links to the superior channel and the home page, and the content-related web pages have links to each other.

Every page in the website should be part of the structure of the website and should be linked through other pages.

To sum up, a reasonable website structure should be a flat tree network structure. we suggest:

  • Make sure each page arrives with at least one text link.
  • Important content should be accessible from a shallower level on the front page or site structure.
  • Reasonably categorize the content on the website, not over-segmented.

The website should have concise and clear navigation, which allows users to quickly find what they need, and also helps search engines better understand the structure of the website.

We suggest:

  • A navigation bar is added to each page, so that the user can conveniently return to the channel and the homepage of the website, and the search engine can conveniently locate the level of the webpage in the network structure.
  • For sites with more content, it is recommended to use breadcrumb navigation, which makes it easier for users to understand where they are: Home > Channels > Current browsing page
  • Use text links in navigation, don’t use complicated js or flash
  • When using images for navigation, you can use the Alt annotation to tell the webpage content pointed to by the search engine.

Subdomain and directory selection

Choosing to use subdomains or directories to properly design website content can have a greater impact on the performance of the site in search engines.

We suggest:

  • Before the content of the website is not rich enough to exist as a stand-alone site, the directory form is used; when the website accumulates enough content, it is converted into a sub-domain form. Usually, the weight of the primary site is the highest, and the child site inherits a part of the weight from the primary site, and the number of inheritance depends on the quality of the child site.
    Before the content is not rich enough to be a standalone site, the content can be better placed in the search engine by placing it in the next directory on the main site.
  • Content with a large degree of content difference and low relevance, using sub-site form
    The search engine will identify the topic of the site, and if the content in the site is not highly correlated, it may cause the search engine to be misidentified. Contents that are not highly correlated, placed under different subdomains, can help search engines better understand the theme of the site.
  • The contents of the domain name are separated and separated from each other. The content under “a.” cannot be accessed through “b.”
    The content between subdomains can be accessed by each other, and may be deduplicated by the search engine as a duplicate content. The reserved url is not necessarily under the normal domain name.
  • Do not abuse subdomains
    Abuse of a large number of subdomains without rich content will be punished by search engines as cheating.

Simple URL

Creating a well-descriptive, standardized, and simple url helps users to more easily remember and judge the content of the web page, and also helps search engines to crawl your website more effectively. At the beginning of the website design, there should be a reasonable url planning.

We suggest:

  • If multiple URLs on the site can access the same content, there are dangers as follows:
    1. Search engines will choose a url as the standard and may be different from genuine.
    2. Users may make recommendations for different urls on the same page. Multiple url forms distract the weight of the page.If there are multiple urls on your site, it is recommended to do the following:
    1. Only the normal form url is used in the system.
    2. Do not put unnecessary content such as Session id, statistical code, etc. in the url
    3. Different forms of url, 301 permanently jumps to the normal form
    4. Prevent the user from entering the wrong alternate domain name, 301 permanently jump to the primary domain name
    5. Use robots.txt to prevent Baiduspider from crawling forms that you don’t want to show to users.
  • Let users to determine the content of the webpage and the structure of the website from the url, and predict what will be seen.

    Taking Baidu space as an example, the user id information is added to the url structure. When the user sees the url of the space, it is convenient to determine who is the space. The url structure also includes content information such as blog and album. The user can judge whether the content to be seen is a blog or an album through the url.
  • The URL is as short as possible, the long URL have not unattractive, it is difficult for the user to obtain additional useful information from it. On the other hand, short urls also help reduce page size, speed up web page opening, and improve user experience.

    The first url in the example will make the user discouraged. The second url, the user can easily judge that it is about Baidu tieba
  • Normal dynamic urls have no effect on search engines. Whether the url is dynamic or static has no effect on the search engine, but it is recommended to minimize the variable parameters contained in the dynamic url, which will help reduce the length of the url.
  • Do not add characters that cannot be automatically recognized by the system as part of the url.

    In the above example, characters such as “;” and “,” are added to the url. When users recommend these urls through forums, instant messaging tools, etc., they cannot be automatically recognized as links, which increases the difficulty for users to access these pages.
  • Check with Baidu’s URL optimization tool, Baidu Webmaster Platform provides a URL optimization tool that can help check the URL’s friendliness with search engines and suggest changes.

Use webmaster tools

The Internet is becoming more and more complex. In order to better handle the information on the Internet, Baidu provides some tools for webmasters. The reasonable use of these webmaster tools can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  • Baidu webmaster platform:
    Log in to “” for more help.
  • Sitemap :
    Baidu webmaster platform supports submitting website content through sitemap. Through the sitemap, Baidu can make the link more comprehensive and faster, making the inclusion more efficient.
  • Ping:
    Ping is a way to submit blog content, and notify the search engine blog of new content in real time. At present, the mainstream blog programs support ping. You only need to add Baidu’s ping service address to the blog background and enable the ping function.
  • Wrong links deletion:
    The Baidu webmaster platform supports submitting Wrong link list of websites to Baidu through sitemap. Too many error links in the website not only affect the user’s access experience, but also affect Baidu’s judgment on the quality of the website. The interface deleted through the error links allows Baidu to discover the dead link of the website more quickly and comprehensively, so as to effectively delete it.

Note: After submitting the URL to be deleted, you need to do the following processing in order to be effectively deleted by Baidu:1. Use robots.txt to prevent it from being crawled;
2. Or return a 404 status code indicating that the current page does not exist.

Webmaster Tools
  • URL optimization tool check
    The Baidu Webmaster Platform provides a URL optimization tool that can help check the URL’s friendliness with search engines and suggest changes.
  • Website security detection
    The Baidu Webmaster Platform provides tools to detect if the website is hacked and prompts the webmaster to help with the modification.
  • What is “the website is hacked”?
    It is refers to the hacker’s use of the website’s programs, settings and other security vulnerabilities or administrators’ security negligence (such as low password complexity), and the website has been tampered with without the administrator’s authorization.
  • How to deal with website hacking?
    #1. Analyze system logs and server logs, check whether the number of pages and traffic of your site are abnormally fluctuating, and whether there are abnormal access or operation logs.
    #2. Check the website files for abnormal changes, especially the key pages such as the home page;
    #3. Whether the website page refers to the resources (images, JS, etc.) of the unknown site, and whether the abnormal link of the outbound station is placed;
    #4. Check the website for files or directories that are not normally added;
    #5. Check the website directory for non-administrator packaged website source code, unknown txt file, etc.
  • How to prevent websites from being hacked?
    #1. Check the server logs regularly to find problems and check for suspicious access to non-front page pages;
    #2. Always check the website files for any abnormal modifications or additions;
    #3. Pay attention to the operating system and the official website of the program you are using. Download patches in time to fix security vulnerabilities; if necessary, it is recommended to update directly to the latest version;
    #4. Modify the default file name of the open source program key files. The cheater usually checks whether a certain file exists by the program to determine whether a certain program is used.
    #5. Modify the default administrator user name, increase the password strength of the management background, and use passwords of various combinations of letters, numbers, and special symbols;
    #6. Turn off unnecessary services, as well as ports;
    #7. Turn off or limit unnecessary uploads;
    #8. Set security measures such as firewalls;
    #9. If the problem occurs repeatedly, it is recommended to reinstall the server operating system and re-upload the backed up website files;
    #10. The website lacking professional maintenance personnel is recommended to consult with professional security companies; quickly discover and process hacked content, and do a good job of hacking prevention, which reflects the operation level of a website.
    The above points are only preliminary references. The security of the website requires the constant efforts of the webmasters and administrators.
  • Baidu search box prompt function
    Baidu opened a free “Baidu search box” code and “Baidu search box prompt” code to the webmaster.
    Quickly add the “Baidu search box (with hints)” feature to your web pages with a simple setup. Improve the user’s search experience on the site.

Revised or changed domain name

Some websites will change the domain name. The most important thing is how to ensure that old users do not lose. When users access old content, we need to guide users to the corresponding content on the new website, so as to avoid the situation where the user cannot access the previously collected webpage.

We recommend that the old page 301 be permanently redirected to the new page corresponding to the content when the domain is changed, so that Baidu is more likely to find this change and quickly transfer the weight of the old page to the corresponding new page.

Other suggestion:

  • If it is not necessary, do not completely replace the entire site content. If change the domain name of the website, and permanently redirect all pages 301 of the old domain name to the corresponding page on the new domain name.
  • After the website domain is replaced with others, the old domain name can be stably accessed for as long as possible, giving the user more time to remember the new domain name.
  • After the website domain is replaced, please submit the URL under the new URL/new domain to Baidu through sitemap to help Baidu find and make adjustments faster.

Reasonable return code

When the Baidu is crawling and processing, it sets the corresponding logic according to the http protocol specification. Therefore, we also try to refer to the definition of the meaning of the return code in the http protocol.

Baidu spider’s processing logic for commonly used http return codes is this:

  • 404
    The meaning of the 404 return code is “NOT FOUND”. Baidu will think that the webpage has expired, so it will usually be deleted from the search results, and in the short term, the spider will not crawl when it find the url .
  • 503
    The meaning of the 503 return code is “Service Unavailable”. Baidu will consider the page to be temporarily inaccessible. Usually, the website is temporarily closed, and bandwidth is limited. For the web page to return 503, Baidu spider will not delete this url directly, and will visit it again in the short term. If the webpage has been restored, it will be crawled normally; if it continues to return to 503, it will be accessed several times in the short term. However, if the web page returns 503 for a long time, then the url will still be considered as a broken link by Baidu and will be deleted from the search results.
  • 403
    The meaning of the 403 return code is “Forbidden”, Baidu will consider that the webpage is currently blocked. For this situation, if it is a newly discovered url, Baidu Spider will not crawl it for a while, and will check it again in the short term; if Baidu has already included the url, it will not be deleted directly, and will be accessed again in the short term. If the page allows access, then it will be crawled normally; if access is still not allowed, it will be accessed several times in the short term. However, if the web page returns 403 for a long time, Baidu will also consider it a broken link and delete it from the search results.
  • 301
    The meaning of the 301 return code is “Moved Permanently”, Baidu will think that the web page currently jumps to the new url. When encountering site migration, domain name replacement, and site revision, it is recommended to use the 301 return code to minimize the traffic loss caused by the revision. Although Baidu spider now has a longer response period for 301 jumps, we still recommend everyone to do so.

We suggest:

  • If the site is temporarily closed, do not return 404 immediately when the page cannot be opened. It is recommended to use the 503 state. 503 can tell Baidu spider that the page is temporarily inaccessible, please try again later.
  • If the Baidu spider is under too much pressure on your site, please try not to use 404. It is also recommended to return to 503. So Baidu spider will try to grab this link after a while, if the site is idle at that time, it will be successfully crawled.
  • Some websites hope that Baidu will only include some content, such as post-audit content, new user pages that have accumulated for a while, and so on. In this case, it is recommended that the newly sent content be temporarily returned to 403, and after returning to the audit or processing, return to the normal return code.
  • When the site is migrated, or the domain name is changed, please use 301 to return.

Webpage sort

The title of the webpage can tell the user and the main content of the search engine. The title is one of the main reference information when the search engine determines the weight of a webpage content. The page title is a summary of the main content on the page, and the search engine can quickly determine the theme of the page through the title of the page. The content of each page is different, so each page should have a unique title.

We recommend that the page title be described as:

  • Home: Website Name or Website Name_Service Introduction or Product Introduction
  • Channel page: channel name_site name
  • Article page: article title channel name website name

Recommended practice:

  • Each page should have a unique title.
  • The title should be clearly defined and contain the most important content from this page.
  • Concise and concise, not listing information that is not relevant to the content of the webpage
  • User browsing is usually from left to right, and important content should be placed in front of the title.
  • Use a language description that is familiar to the user. If you have both Chinese and English website names, try to use the one you know well as the title description.

Content of website

Content is the core of the Baidu SEO, and the content that is provided to the search engine should also be high-quality original content. The content should conform to the theme of the website. For example, if your website is a it news website, don’t put a bunch of beautiful pictures. In addition to wasting server resources, it will not help website ranking.

  • The content of the website should be user-oriented, and the search engine is just an ordinary visitor to the website. It is important to provide original content that meets the user’s needs.
  • The anchor text refers to the descriptive text used in the link to tell the user the topic of the link to the web page. The clearer the anchor text description, the easier it is for the user to understand the content pointing to the web page.
  • When a user comes into contact with your web page, it starts with a link to another web page. The description of the link makes the user understand that it is important to attract user access. Like the average user, the anchor text is the only reference factor for the description of the web page when the search engine first finds a new web page.
  • Add ALT to the picture. Let the user understand the information to be conveyed when the picture cannot be displayed. It can also let the search engine know the content of the picture.
  • Richer content can be provided to users in a richer content organization such as a topic, allowing users to get all the information they need at the least time.
  • Web2.0 type websites should make full use of their own advantages, let users judge the quality of resources by voting, commenting, etc. These judgments on quality may also be used by search engines to judge the value of resources.

Website’s SEO

Goal/conversion rate

The ultimate goal of getting traffic from search engines is to continuously improve the core value of the site. How much traffic from a search engine can translate into the core value of a website, which is the conversion rate. Content-based websites, loyal users are the core value. Turning search engine users into loyal users is the ultimate goal; SNS website, registered users are the core value, let users come to your platform to register, activities are the ultimate goal; if you do e-commerce website, Selling things is the core value, selling things to customers is what you want to achieve. When counting search engine revenue, we recommend that conversion rate be listed as the most important measure of performance.

Search engine traffic analysis

The follow-up behavior of search engine users on the website determines whether this user will be converted into a loyal user, and analyzing user behavior can provide a basis for improving the service.
The following indicators can be analyzed:

  • Bounce rate: The proportion of users who leave after vist one webpage, the bounce rate is high, usually means that the website is not attractive to the user, or the connection between the content of the website is not close enough.
  • Exit rate: The percentage of users who left a page as a percentage of total pageviews. For example, in the shopping website, the exit rate of each step in the process of browsing the product page – click the purchase – login – confirm the product – payment series is recorded, analyzing the abnormal steps of the exit rate, and improving the design.
  • User residence time: The user’s stay time reflects the stickiness of the website and the user’s judgment on the quality of the website content.

The above are the most basic three indicators of statistical analysis. Behavior analysis can show that whether the user’s search needs are met on your website. Then we go one step further and think about how to better meet his needs.

Website trust

Website credit refers to the degree of trust a user gives to your website. User trust in the website is the basis for the user’s activities on the website.

  • The page is beautiful, clean and has its own style.
  • Detailed website introduction and contact information, so that users can easily contact
  • User comments, customer feedback and other information, so that the original users affect new users
  • Focus on strengthening the brand of the website in the website design, so that users can understand and trust your website.

Continuously strengthen the brand concept

Brand building on the Internet is to exchange high-quality content and services for users’ trust in website content, and to allow users to change from a search engine to a loyal user. Properly promoting the brand while satisfying the user’s needs not only helps the user to choose which one to click when facing multiple search results, but also plays a significant role in word-of-mouth communication.

  • The lowest level, let the user know that the content he got is from your website.
  • Advanced, let users think of your website when they want to find this information again next time.
  • In the end, users can think of your website when they are looking for similar content.

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What is the relationship between Baidu’s commercial promotion and natural search results?

Baidu’s commercial promotion and natural search are completely different display systems. The websites that participate in commercial promotion are treated equally in the natural results without any special treatment. Baidu’s commercial promotion (including left and right) and natural search (previously characterized by a link behind it, called Baidu snapshot; but now most open search results are also without snapshot links) are two completely independent system. The principle of commercial promotion is not to “give money, some of the results in natural results can be ranked higher”, but “user keywords are distributed to two separate systems, which produce commercial results and nature. As a result, business results are in the forefront, and natural results are later, which constitutes Baidu’s search results.”

What should I do if I change serve?

Refer to the following steps:

  1. Open up new spaces and migrate the site to a new space and stay fluent
  2. Point the server of the domain name to the ip updated to the new space
  3. Ensure that the old space can continue to be accessed for a while
  4. Pay attention to the access log of the new space, and wait for the Baiduspider’s crawl to completely migrate to the new space and stop the service of the old space.

Does Baidu support nofollow?

Baidu supports <a rel=”nofollow” href=”url”>123</a>, <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”> two ways of nofollow, url with nofollow attribute, will not be passed Weight.

Is the number of results found by the “Site” command the number of web pages included in Baidu?

The number of search results obtained by the “site” syntax is only an estimated value and is for reference only.
The original intention of the “site” grammar setting is that users are expected to set the constraint search range to achieve more accurate search. This is essentially the same as intitle, inurl. The number of results in these high-level grammars, like regular searches, are “valuations,” not exact values.

Does modifying the site title have a negative impact on site rankings?

Title is a very important content. Significant changes may result in large fluctuations. So please treat the page title carefully. If it is not necessary, try not to make major changes.

Will it be punished to modify the meta description of the home page?

The meta description is just a selection target for the summary. Modifying the meta description only affects the summary. We encourage everyone to write a brief introduction to the site through meta description. Just too frequent changes, may not be timely feedback in the summary.

Baidu suggested URL static?

Whether the URL is dynamic or static has no effect on Baidu. Baidu don’t have any strategy to discriminate against dynamic urls. The reason why the search engine does not handle dynamic urls in the past is mainly because there are too many parameters in the dynamic url, it is easy to create a large number of “black holes” of infinite loops with the same content and different urls, and the spider is trapped in it, wasting a lot of resources. Now we have been able to solve this problem perfectly.
The dynamic url is best to minimize the variable parameters contained in the dynamic url, as we suggested, on the one hand to reduce the length of the url, and on the other hand, to reduce the risk of bringing the Baiduspider into a “black hole”.

Which Robots Meta tags does Baidu support?

Baidu supports nofollow and noarchive meta tags.
To prevent all search engines from displaying a snapshot of your site, place this meta tag in the section of the page: <meta name=”robots” content=”noarchive”>
If you don’t want the search engine to track links on this page and don’t pass the weight of the link, put this meta tag: <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”>

Does Baidu discriminate against Chinese websites that use overseas space?

Baidu has no discrimination against overseas sites. However, the Baiduspider server is in China, if domestic users have limited access to content, Baiduspider will be in a state of uncertainty. As long as the domestic users can access it normally, we will treat it equally.

How does Baidu treat a website that has been completely replaced or revised?

If there is a fundamental change in the content, it will theoretically be regarded as a brand new website, and the old hyperlink will be invalid.




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