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We are Baidu SEO agency, Baidu SEO is a kind of Chinese digital marketing. As the largest search engine in China, Baidu has a market share of 60% in China. Baidu has Baidu tieba, Baidu zhidao, Baidu baike, these can do Chinese online marketing. Baidu SEO is to use the white hat SEO method to let the website rank to the Baidu homepage. The website can get more traffic. Mobile phones now have more and more traffic, We can rank the website on the mobile page, which has a good publicity role for international companies.

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We are professional Baidu SEO service agency. Chinese search engine optimization strategy has two parts:
1. Website content analysis
The first is keywords analysis, each industry has its own keywords. We analyze each keyword and then determine the commercial value of the keyword. We need to design a separate page for every keywords, each page with unique content.
2. Backlinks construction
This is an important part of the SEO strategy, not only requires a lot of effort, but also a creative, unique way to find backlinks.
We will provide you with professional Baidu SEO services. Let you quickly promote your business in China and establish an international company brand.

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Frequently Asked Question

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Yes, you can choose your keywords. Our experts will also give you some advice to make the keywords more in line with Chinese audiences.

There are many types of Baidu promotion, such as Baidu SEO, Baidu tieba, Baidu zhidao, Baidu baike, etc.

Yes, we will provide you with Chinese articles. If you have any need for Chinese writing, please contact us.

Baidu, 360, Sogou are Chinese search engines, Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine. Baidu has the largest number of users, and Baidu promotion is very important for international companies.

The laws in China are complicated, but don’t worry; we have a lawyer consultant who will help you solve this problem. We will provide you with legal Baidu SEO in China.

Yes, any website permitted by Chinese law can be promoted in Baidu.

Yes, we provide Baidu seo consulting service, if your Chinese website needs good ideas, please contact us. We will also provide you with Chinese marketing consulting services.

You can email us (contact us). We are happy to answer your questions.

YIQUAN baidu SEO firm will you best choose.

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