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Chinese Overseas Tourism Market

Chinese overseas tourism market

With the enhancement of Chinese overall national strength and the improvement of people’s living standards, Chinese overseas travel is increasing. Chinese tourism abroad can drive the development of the local economy and greatly contribute to the economic development of Europe and the Americas. So more and more countries are attracting Chinese to tourism to their countries. We can conduct internet marketing in China and let you attract more tourists.


In the past three years, the number of Chinese tourists abroad has been increasing. In 2016, due to factors such as European riots, exchange rate fluctuations and local disputes, the growth rate of outbound tourism has slowed down, and the trend of warming in 2017 is obvious. According to data released by the China Tourism Research Institute and the National Tourism Administration Data Center, in 2017, The number of Chinese outbound tourists is 130 million, an increase of 6.56% over this time last year. In 2017, the cost of outbound tourism reached $115.29 billion. In the Spring Festival of 2018, the number of outbound tourists in China has further expanded to 6.5 million person-times, the number of young people has increased. After 80s and 90s, the proportion of family tourisms is more and more. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of residents’ living standards, personalized tourism are more popular,and emerging destinations are also favored.

Chinese outbound tourists and growth rate in 2010-2017

Outbound travel spending grew smoothly in 2017

Spring Festival outbound tourists

According to the monitoring data of China Tourism Network, in the past year, the number of outbound tourists in China was divided by age groups,the proportion of the group aged 25 years old and below was 33%; the proportion of the group aged 26-35 was the highest, reaching 38%; The 45 years old group accounted for 16%; the 46-55 age group accounted for the least, only 4%; the 55 years old group accounted for 9%.

Combined with the data, it can be seen that the 26-35 year old group is the largest number of outbound tourism and overseas consumption; the group of 25 years old and below has gradually become an important group of outbound tourism and overseas consumption. In addition, middle-aged people with abundant time and financial resources are also important groups in the outbound tourism market, but they are relatively conservative when they are spending abroad.

In addition, the data shows that in the past year, among the outbound tourists, the proportion of men and women was 35% and 65% respectively. Obviously, female consumers not only love to play but also “spend money”.

European tourism

The situation in Europe is turbulent in 2016, and it is expected to usher in high growth in the 18 years under the low base. The number of overseas tourists in Europe covered by horror haze is about 620 million, a year-on-year increase of only 2%. With the easing of the political situation in Europe and the recovery of the economic situation, the European tourism market has maintained a positive trend since the Q2 quarter of 2017. According to data from china, the number of outbound tourists to Europe ranked second among Chinese outbound tourists on all continents, accounting for 9.3% of the total number of visitors. The number of visitors to Europe through internet scheduled hotel increased by 26.3% compared with 2016, while the per capita consumption increased by 36% year-on-year.

In the first half of 2017, Chinese tourists spend an average of 1,485 euros per day in Europe (1 euro is about 7.84 yuan). The average daily consumption of self-guided tourists is 1,607 euros, and the group tour tourists consume an average of 1,300 euros per day. Chinese tourists prefer the second mode of tourism.

Number of Chinese tourists to Europe

In 2016, Chinese visits to France, Germany, and the United Kingdom fell by 9.09%, 0.72%, and 6.06%, respectively. After the second quarter of 2017, the number of tourist rebounded strongly. According to china tourism network Data, China in the third quarter of 2017 The number of tourists visiting Europe increased by 29% year-on-year, of which 36% increased with group tours. According to the data for the whole year of 2017, the number of Chinese trips to France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia was 2.4 million, 1.67 million, 340,000 and 1.7 million respectively.

Chinese outbound tourism industry development trend

  1. There is still room for long-term growth in the outbound tourism market. In 2017, Chinese outbound consumption reached US$115.29 billion, a record high. China has become the largest inbound source market for nearly 10 destination countries including Thailand, Vietnam and Russia. At present, Chinese annual per capita flight is 0.5 times, while the United States is 2.5 times; Chinese annual per capita GDP is about 8,000 US dollars, while the United States is close to 50,000 US dollars. From these data differences, it is estimated that by 2025, Chinese outbound tourism market will have 2.5 times room for growth.
  2. The proposal of the “Belt and Road Initiative” ignited new hot spots for outbound tourism. China has signed visa conveniences and preferential policies for tourism along with 46 countries along the Belt and Road.
  3. The incremental space of the second, third and fourth line markets is obvious. According to data from McKinsey, the proportion of urban urban tourism spending in China will increase significantly in the next 10 years. Among them, the middle class in the third- and fourth-tier cities will become the fastest growing group in the future.
  4. New technologies bring more opportunities for change. Chinese e-commerce increment in the next five years will account for more than 42% of Chinese consumption, and the development of new technologies will also lead to faster industrial upgrading. Among them, artificial intelligence is improving the efficiency of tourism operation. A large number of tourism OTAs have already replaced some customer service services with artificial intelligence services, and can bring more intelligent services to achieve seamless links, consumer service needs and consumer complaint response. This part will have a faster space for application.

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