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Chinese Website Design

Chinese website design

Chinese website design is an important part of online marketing in China. The design of Chinese website should fully attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, in the creation of web pages, the overall design of the Chinese website must be closely integrated with the web pages design. Website design is to express the content of the plan, the theme mode of the website through artistic means. The webpage production is usually designed by the web designer, according to the W3C specification, use html to Made into a web page format.

Chinese website design process

1 Preparation content

Before registering a domain name, you should collect at least one hundred pages of content, which must be valuable and does not violate copyrighted content.


Think of a more meaningful, easy to remember URL.

3 Web pages design

For search engines, they can’t retrieve the flash, java applet and javascript in the website, and can’t retrieve the words written in your image file. Therefore, in the website design, you should fill in more content. It is a successful seo website page. The page should try to meet the w3c standard.

4 File size per page

It is recommended that each web page should be under 15k as much as possible. If it can be reduced to 12k, even 10k is better, but it can’t be below 5k, so as not to affect the integrity of the content. In fact, we all know that the purpose of search engine optimization is actually for the user, not for the search engine itself.

5 Content

Create 500-1000 words per page. Of course, this page must contain your important keywords. If you can’t think of keywords, you can use baidu keyword suggestion tool.

6 Keyword density

Choose your keywords and use them once in each of the following six places:

  1. title;
  2. meta tag;
  3. URL;
  4. Bold keywords (write your keyword and then bold him);
  5. Italic keyword (write your keyword and then italicize it);
  6. The top half of the page (where the content of the page compares, I recommend using a title, such as h1).

7 Internal link

Internal links are links between content pages under the same website domain name. A reasonable intra-site link structure can improve the search engine ranks and website traffic. There may be many types of content in your website. Please make sure that similar content is linked to each other. For example, the page of the food is linked to the page of the fruit.

Why do you want to do this?

The internal links of similar content can make Baidu’s pagerank pass on each other in your webpage. If you only optimize individual webpages, it may happen that only a few pages in the website can rank forward. But if you do an internal link, you can make each page rank forward.

8 Website online

It is best not to use a virtual host, if you can have your own hosting host or a fixed ip location is best. Although Baidu search engine claims that they treat virtual hosts equally, but this will affect the speed of opening Chinese websites.

Make sure that every page of the site can be indexed by the search engine. Also, don’t let the website on-line until the site is completely designed.

9 Submit to search engine

After the Chinese website is designed, submit it to Baidu Webmaster Tools. This will be good for the ranking of the site.

10 Chinese Website promotion

Website promotion can bring a large number of customers to the website. Website promotion is the most important step after building a website! We generally use Baidu webmaster platform to analyze website data.

How to customize Chinese website?

In the era of digital information development rapid, the website occupies an important position in the brand building, information release, and business activities of enterprises, and more and more people communicate with companies through network channels. With customized Chinese website, international companies can create personalized online brand image and form personalized interaction with customers through digital platform, so that customers can form an intuitive understanding and experience of company brand.

Design steps

  1. Clarify the purpose of corporate website design, combine the positioning of the enterprise, diagnose the current situation of the website and the performance of the industry market, conduct user research and analysis on the corporate audience, and determine the positioning strategy of the website;
  2. According to the purpose of the website, the overall architecture design of the website is carried out, and an effective and clear functional structure is set for different needs;
  3. Based on the overall brand image design needs of the enterprise, the overall style of the website is designed, and the relevant page design is combined with the characteristics of each function panel to carefully process various icons and pictures used in the page;
  4. In order to ensure the compatibility and security of the website operation, the page is produced with the international W3C standard HTML, and the background technology development is carried out with the technology of security, compatibility and performance.
  5. Based on the customer’s brand architecture, the development of an efficient website background management platform is easy to update and maintain the website’s various sections, and effectively control the website management authority.

Chinese website design custom analysis

website targeting strategy

Website positioning strategy is also called website planning. Website planning directly determines whether the website can be successful. The lack of overall planning of the website design is difficult to achieve the desired goals. The good or bad of website planning is an important factor in distinguishing the level and specialization of website design companies.

In a professional website design process, website planning is an important and not negligible link. A high-quality website planning solution, in addition to the need to a company’s specialized knowledge and rich experience, also requires the active cooperation of customers. The website company interacts with the customers, sets goals for the website, communicates effectively, and integrates this goal into the minds of each participant and integrates into the work of each person. Only in this way can the success of website design, implementation and operation be guaranteed.

The specific scope of website planning includes the following aspects:

  1. Customer positioning
    -Customer characteristics
    -Customer habit
    -Customer preference
  2. The style positioning of website
    The style positioning of the website is the first step in website design and the starting point for the website to be successful. Its importance should be given enough attention. The main factors affecting the style of the website are the company’s corporate culture, industry characteristics, product positioning, customer positioning and so on. After considering these factors in a comprehensive way, website designers, analysts, and planners jointly style the site.
    Website style mainly includes:
    -Site CI (flag, color, font, slogan)
    -Browse mode
    -Web page representation
    -The accuracy of style positioning is the key to the success of the website.
  3. Website column settings
    The column of the website is the most important part of website design. Good column settings can help users better understand and use the website, improve the user’s stay time, and thus increase the business opportunities of the company. Reasonable column settings can better display the company’s culture, core values, product information, solutions and other issues that customers are most concerned about.
  4. Website content planning
    In the Internet age, content is king is the constant truth. The beauty of the web page is important, but what really attracts and retains customers is content. Therefore, the organization and refinement of content has become the most critical part of the website design process. The valuable content created by the website not only improves the adhesion of the visiting users, but also effectively improves the ranking of the website in the search engine, thereby attracting more users. Reasonable classification and description of products will play an inestimable role in the sales of your company’s products. The frequency of website content updates is also an important indicator of a website’s level.
  5. Website technical solutions
    The technical solution is the fundamental that the website can ultimately be used by users. Different enterprises have different functional requirements for the website.
    The technical solutions mainly include the software environment and hardware environment of the website, including:
    -Website development language (ASP, JSP, PHP, etc.)
    -Database type (Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Access, etc.)
    -Server type (virtual host, virtual plane, hosting, etc.)
    -Website security program (anti-black, anti-virus, etc.)
    The technical solution is not absolutely good or bad. YIQUAN chinese website design believes that suitable your is the best website.
  6. Webpage file name analysis
    The file name of a web page is a problem that is easily overlooked by website designers. However, its importance is high and should be given enough attention. The name of a good web page file is not only conducive to the post-maintenance of the web page, but also more conducive to search by search engines. By analyzing the name of the web page to improve the maintainability of the website and the search engine search, the name of the web file name includes the name of the directory, whether Chinese or English is used, or the abbreviation of Chinese Pinyin is used.
  7. Website domain name analysis
    With the development of the Internet, the number of corporate websites is exploding, and the importance of domain names for a website is becoming more and more important. An easy-to-remember domain name will make more people remember your website and form repeated visits. The analysis of the domain name includes length, whether there is a “-” between the characters, whether it is easy to remember, a domestic domain name or an international domain name.
  8. Website structure analysis
    Through the analysis of website structure, YIQUAN chinese website design can help you design an efficient and fast website structure, improve the ease of operation of the website, and let customers find the desired content in the shortest time and improve the customer’s operating experience.
  9. Website backlinks analysis
    The backlinks of the website can provide the ranking of the website, and the best links are links to websites of the same industry.
  10. Website content analysis
    The content of the website is the most important part of the website. The more valuable a website content is to a user, the more it will attract more users.
  11. Website update frequency analysis
    Analyze the frequency of website content updates, help companies find the most suitable update frequency, update the faster the website, the higher the user’s stickiness, the greater the value of the website.
  12. Web page dynamic and static analysis
    Static web pages display much faster than dynamic web pages, and static web pages are easier to search by search engines than dynamic web pages, making it easier to get higher rankings. Static content increases the speed of access to the site and facilitates search engine search. Optimize dynamic pages for features that must be implemented with dynamic web pages, improve access speeds, and be easier to search by search engines.
  13. Website label analysis
    The title, description, and keywords are key elements for search engines to search for web pages. Too few labels waste resources. Labels are too long and are easily viewed by search engines as cheating. Arranging the contents of the label, better organizing and utilizing the Title, Description, and Keywords tabs will make the company’s website a leader in the competition in the same industry.
  14. Website technical program analysis
    Technology realization is the foundation of the entire website design, and is the basis for the website to be used by customers. Therefore, the technical solution is related to the success or failure of the website. The technical means available in the design of the website are diverse. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, determine the technical solution of the enterprise website and find the most cost-effective solution for the customer.

Chinese website color design

Determine website style
The overall style of the website and its creative design is important. Every website has a different style. For example: Disney is lively, and IBM is professionally serious. These are the different feelings that the website gives people.

Website color matching
Whether it’s graphic design or web design, color is always the most important part.
There are many principles about website color.
Here we want to tell you some tips on web page color matching.

  1. Use one color. First select a color, and then adjust the transparency or saturation, such a page looks uniform in color and layered;
  2. Use two colors. First select a color and then select its contrast color;
  3. Use a color system. Simply put, use a feeling of color, such as light blue, light yellow, light green; or earth yellow, earth gray, blue.

Web page color misunderstanding

  1. Do not use all colors, try to control within three to five colors;
  2. The contrast between the background and article should be as large as possible to highlight the main text content;
  3. The vividness of color. The color of the web page should be bright and easy to attract attention.

Chinese website design company & anency

All of them are Chinese professional Chinese website design companies, focusing on the marketing of Chinese Internet.
We can provide a variety of website design services, such as:

  • real estate website design
  • ecommerce website design
  • restaurant website design
  • business website design
  • hotel website design
  • corporate website design
  • travel/tourism website design
  • personal website design
  • b2b website design
  • healthcare website design
  • photography website design
  • fitness website design
  • hospital website design
  • automotive website design
  • college website design
  • music website design
  • architecture website design
  • wedding website design
  • blog website design
  • food website design

If you want to design a Chinese website, please visit our service:
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