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Digital Marketing Strategies Guide In China 2019

Digital marketing strategies guide in China 2019

Digital marketing is an economical, fast and effective way for international companies planning to do business in China. According to statistics, in 2019, China’s netizen will reach 900 million people, which means that almost every Chinese will use the Internet. So digital marketing is the best way to advertise in China, but you need to learn some marketing strategies, because the Internet in China is different from the Internet in the world, such as email marketing, which may not be applicable in China.

Digital marketing in China is also known as online marketing or internet marketing. The following internet marketing strategies will guide you in doing business in China. You can use one of these strategies or combine them. I think every strategy is the best.

Chinese social media marketing

Chinese use social media software every day, such as WeChat and Weibo, just like facebook and whatapp in the world. These two social softwares are currently the main social media marketing platform in China, where you can register your account or advertise. Planning to market to Chinese consumers? Follow me, it’s easy!


Weibo is a micro-blog developed by Sina. You can share your favorite things through Weibo. This sharing can be a sentence, a picture or a video. If you use text, each message cannot exceed 140 Chinese words.

Register Weibo account

Step 1:Visit the Weibo website( and click on the registration in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Choose personal account or official registration.

Tip: You can register by phone number or email, and you can choose the language in the lower right corner, If you are not familiar with Chinese, this is very convenient. If you encounter registration issues, you can find the answer on the right.

What we are demonstrating here is to register via computer. Of course, you can choose to register with the mobile Weibo App, they are the same.

Weibo advertising

Weibo ads can quickly attract fans, It is mainly Chinese ads on mobile phones. There are four main types of Weibo advertisements, which are paid, but the information dissemination speed is very fast.

#1 Search ads
Search ads are displayed when users search on Weibo. These ads are similar to Baidu keyword ads, but they are purchased differently. Sina Weibo is an advertisement for buying time.

#2 Display ads
This kind of advertisement is displayed on the mobile phone Weibo,the display advertisement can be displayed to Weibo 190 million daily users everyday, and can choose to display to users in different cities in China.

#3 Information advertisement
Information advertisement is displayed when a user browses Weibo, and can be displayed in various forms.

#4 Video ads
Promoted in the form of Weibo stories, the ads are more intuitive.


WeChat is a software developed by Tencent. WeChat marketing is a kind of corporate or personal marketing model in the era of China’s network economy. WeChat does not have the limitation of distance. After the user registers with WeChat, they can form a contact with the “friends” who are registered as well, and subscribe to the information they need.
For online marketing in China, you can register a WeChat official account and then advertise on WeChat.

Baidu search engine promotion

Baidu is the most used Chinese search engine in China, and many Chinese advertising companies are doing marketing campaign in Baidu.

Baidu Seo

If you know a lot about Google SEO, then Baidu SEO is very simple for you. They are just different search engines. In China, people always look for the answers they need in Baidu search.
Baidu SEO can bring you long-term benefits and is a display of brand image. It is a long-term promotion strategy, but I think it is worth waiting for. Especially for small businesses that want to enter the Chinese market, this strategy is very good.

Baidu paid ads

Baidu paid advertising is also a good digital marketing method. It may not be the same as Google advertising. Baidu advertising is more conducive to the promotion of B2B and corporate information. For specific information about Baidu advertising, you can view: Advertising on Baidu

Web celebrity marketing

Web celebrity marketing is also known as KOL Marketing. With the rapid development of China’s video industry, Online star Marketing will reach its peak in 2019. Web celebrity marketing has four major trends in china.

#1 Video
China’s short video industry is exploding, such as douyin, kuaishou, huoshan and other short video platforms, there are 400 million active users every day, what an amazing number. Video transmission speed is the fastest, and now many web celebrities are on the video platform.
#2 Specialization
More and more online stars will go to specialization, such as the people of professional clothing industry, which is also a kind of KOL marketing.
#3 Diversification
In the past, the focus of Web celebrities is mainly in the clothing and food industry. However, in 2019, the trend of diversification has emerged. Many online star have received invitations from enterprises and more and more types of marketing products.
#4 Content
The public demand for online stars is getting higher and higher, so the current they are people who have special skills in one aspect.
#5 Platformization
At present, there are many network platforms, such as live broadcast platforms, video platforms. Many online stars are not only marketing on one platform.

Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunities of Web celebrity Marketing will bring you a large number of customers.

Short video marketing

The number of short video users has grown rapidly over the past year, it is an important part of China’s online marketing strategies in 2019. Short videos have brought huge marketing value to Chinese companies. Douyin is currently the largest short video platform in China. It is also known as Tik Tok in the world. Short video marketing has four values ​​for international companies.

#1 Flow value: expand brand coverage
For any brand, the number of users of short video platforms is the first factor to determine whether they are advertising on the platform. For international companies, the biggest marketing value of short videos is first reflected in the huge platform users. Users of short videos are growing very fast and are fully compliant with online marketing campaign.

#2 User value: increase brand conversion rate
User conversion rate should also be an important factor for international companies to consider. Whether it can cover the precision consumer group is the embodiment of short video marketing value.
From the perspective of purchasing power and conversion rate, short video users have an advantage. For example, the user data of the Douyin shows that most of the users are young people, and the gender ratio of female users to male users is 6:4. They are mainly in China’s first- and second-tier cities, radiating the third and fourth lines, covering the mainstream quality consumer groups.

#3 Product Value: increase brand interaction
Many short video platforms offer a variety of ways for creative marketing to help brands interact better with their users. The time of short video is less than 15 seconds, plus the vertical screen video mode, can effectively improve the user’s visual attention, compared to the horizontal screen video mode click effect can be increased by 1.44 times, the interactive effect can be increased by 41%.

#4 The technical value: help companies find specific users
China’s big data technology is very developed. The short video platform will guide different users to watch according to the video content. For example, if you often like to watch baseball videos, then the platform will recommend more videos about baseball.

With a large and growing number of young users, the short video platform is becoming the most important content for online marketing. The strength of short video platform in terms of traffic value, user value, product value and technology value is also recognized by more and more china companies. The value of short video marketing will be further highlighted in the future.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a high-tech advertising operation that is delivered to users via the Internet. Compared with the traditional four major media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio), digital advertising spreads wider and faster. Online advertising is an important part of implementing China’s modern online marketing strategy. Digital advertising mainly delivers your brand or business information to customers by paying. The general forms of display are: website banners, pop-up ads, mobile app display ads, etc.

The ads we mentioned in the previous section, such as WeChat ads, Weibo ads, Baidu ads also belong to digital advertising.

Bonus 1

The best china marketing way is to use the above strategies in combination. You can design your own Chinese website for Baidu promotion, and then use social networks and advertisements for brand promotion.

If you read my strategy carefully, then you will find that they have many similarities. Yes, they are a whole and you need to take the time to do.

You should seize the opportunity of short video marketing, which is very popular in China. If you can use this strategy correctly, then you will have a big surprise.

Or you can find a Chinese digital marketing agency that will provide you with the best business advice.

Bonus 2

You can follow these strategies and divide the plan into 3 steps:

Step 1:Increase your potential customers

Many people start to browse rather than buy directly. You have to find a way to leave customers’ information according to your industry type. Whether it is a website, a media or an advertisement, I think you should do this.

Step 2: Use customer evaluation to influence the decision of potential customers

Most people have a herd mentality, so when buying a product, buying a customer’s comments on the product can have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of potential customers. Therefore, under each product, it is reasonable to put more than six or seven comments of this product from all angles of the customer.

Step 3: Improve customer repeat purchase

  1. Coupon strategy: After a customer has successfully ordered, you can give the customer a coupon, and then, within a certain period of time, when the product is purchased, the coupon can serve as a certain amount. In this way, the customer will find a way to spend this coupon or give it to his needy friend.
  2. Information marketing: Push valuable information to customers on a regular basis, while a reasonable accompanying product promotion advertising. You must send the customer the information they like.

Now I want to hear from you. What are your strategies for marketing in China?

Or you want to know more about how to advertise in China?

Whatever it is, you can comment below.


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