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How To Advertise In Douyin?

How to advertise in Douyin?

Douyin is a very popular social media short video app in China. It has been popular among young people since its release in September 2016. Douyin in other countries outside China is also known as TikTok. People can shoot short videos and post their own work through this app. Douyin has a huge user base, so many people will advertise in Douyin, and Douyin social media marketing advertisement also brings a large number of customers to many brands.

Douyin advertisement belongs to Headline ad platform. Headline ad platform includes: Douyin, Headline, xigua video, huoshan video four media, you can choose one of the media to advertise or all, the payment method and price of the four social media are the same. This is an introductory article on Douyin precision ads. I will detail how to advertise in Douyin. Whether you are a beginner or a professional internet marketer, if you read this article carefully, you will save a lot of time and a lot of advertising budget.

What is Douyin short video ad?

It is an advertisement with short video as the presentation style. It can be divided into “open screen video ad”, “information video ad” and “details page video ad” according to different promotion positions, which is the same as most advertisement service providers. The charge model is basically the same, paying by click or display.

Douyin advertising is currently a good social media ad. Douyin app will provide the best advertising service for each customer based on artificial intelligence algorithms, and provide your business information to users in need, which will save your advertising costs.

Prepare to advertise in Douyin

Before you can advertise, you need to register your advertising account. Advertising account registration address is, which can be easily completed in 3 steps.

Step 1 Fill in the basic information.

Step 2 Obtain the account password.

Step 3 Completion of qualifications


About qualification specification

1. Brand description (promotion content):

Describe in detail the nature of the company, introduce brands/products (industry, product categories, product names, company/product introduction links, etc.)
For example: furniture wholesale and retail, mainly promote wardrobe

2. Qualification specifications:

  1. Subject qualification (business license): the original or copy of the electronic version, if it is a copy, you need to write the words “consistent with the original” and stamp the company’s red official seal.
    Note: the company that Enterprise Information Network shows abnormal operations are not allowed to open their own accounts.
  2. Industry Qualification: Fill in the content according to the brand description and upload the relevant industry qualifications as required.

Congratulations, you already have your own Douyin advertising account.

Recharge Douyin ads

#1 Log in to the AD background, click on the menu bar “Financial Management”, and find the “Online Recharge” entry in the drop-down menu page for recharge.

#2 Enter the recharge amount and click the button “to recharge”. The first recharge amount must exceed 10,000 yuan, and next time the minimum recharge amount is 1000 yuan.

#3 Choose the payment method and pay (temporarily only support Alipay).

Create Douyin ads

Open the AD background and enter the home page. The home page contains advertising account consumption, account balance, advertising statistics, and data trend graphs.

#1 Select “Home”, filter the data time period, and view the account data of the specified time period;
#2 Filtering time period data: Select the time period of the data to be viewed, which can support viewing the time-sharing data of the day, and the data is cut off until one hour before the day of viewing.
#3 The data trend graph can view data such as display, click, click rate, average click unit price, average thousand impression fee, total cost and other dimensions.

Then you can create Douyin advertisement.

Promotion management

  1. An advertising account consists of three basic elements: ad group, advertising plan, and advertising creative. It supports multiple creative delivery functions, just like Facebook ads.
  2. An ad group is the largest unit that manages a range of ideas. At the ad group level, you can set the purpose of the promotion and the amount of the budget.
  3. An advertising program is a small unit that manages a series of ideas. Each promotion plan can set multiple creatives. At the advertising plan level, you can set advertising audiences such as geography, interests, gender, age, etc., and set advertising budgets and bids.
  4. Creativity is the advertising content that the merchant presents to the user, including the text title, image or video material. The idea determines whether these potential audiences can be attracted to the merchant’s website, so as to take action to facilitate the conversion.

More content You can create an advertising account and do the actual work, which is easy for you.

Case study- Pizza Hut

Brand story
Pizza Hut is the pizza brand under the Baisheng Group, the world’s largest restaurant group. The brand slogan is “Pizza and More”. Pizza Hut is not only synonymous with pizza, but also strengthens the “joyful” communication between customers and customers through the “joyful” marketing method to ensure that customers are “exceeding the expectation of satisfaction” of Pizza Hut and let them pass the Pizza Hut. Enjoy the joy and remember the food and culture of Pizza Hut.

Marketing background
Pizza Hut launched the new “Beijing Chaoshan Pizza”, and cooperated with the trend fashion brand B-Duck, and joined hands with the new generation of variety Xiaotian Wang Liuwei to create the hottest duck dance in summer!

Marketing goal
Raise the participation of the whole people in the sizzling duck dance craze, and build momentum for the Beijing tidal duck pizza to enhance the attention of new products.

Marketing strategy

  1. Big data marketing
    Relying on the Douyin new media lab big data insight, deep-track the real-time interest of target users, lock the SHN48 idol group to perform the second interpretation of the tide duck dance, find the user interest, the fan economy ignited the craze.
  2. Short video creative marketing
    Short video communication has become an important creative point, with a strong technical strength and content resources to provide customized short video creative tide duck dance, through information flow advertising in a more native, more dynamic, more stereoscopic way for brand communication.
  3. Multi-scene accurate distribution
    Today’s headline massive coverage + precision distribution, multi-scene matching, instantaneous detonation event boom, through the technical force to find the headline users who are really interested in the tide duck dance, according to the interest tag and dynamic creative scene matching, to meet the user communication in different scenarios and Promote conversion.

Marketing effect
The magical tide duck dance boom formed a phenomenal event. In just 2 weeks, the Chaoshan pizza activity gained billions of activities and influence, and realized sales transformation. “Tide Duck Pizza” news event page total page views 200 million+, total video playback volume reached 40 million+, 9 KOL public relations soft text communication total reading capacity 780,000+ times.

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