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How To Do Digital Marketing In China?

How to do digital marketing in China?

Digital marketing is an important part of marketing in China. For foreigners who have just entered the Chinese market, you may not know how to conduct internet marketing. After reading this post, you can learn more about Chinese online marketing.
For Internet marketing in China, you need to know the following sections: Baidu SEO, PPC, Taobao e-commerce, and various self-media platforms.

8 Digital Marketing Methods

1.Baidu PPC

PPC, through the search engine bidding, let users search for relevant keywords, and click on the keyword creative link on the search engine to enter the website/webpage to further understand the information he needs. Or directly submit the form on the page to achieve your purpose.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO refers to the use of optimization methods to improve the keyword ranking of search engines, thereby obtaining traffic, thereby generating direct sales or establishing a network brand.

3. Instant Messaging Marketing:

A marketing method that uses Internet instant messaging tools for promotion.

4. Weibo Marketing:

Weibo marketing refers to a marketing method implemented by the Weibo platform to create value for merchants, individuals, etc.

5, WeChat Marketing:

WeChat marketing is an innovation of the corporate marketing model in the era of network economy, and it is an online marketing method that rises along with the popular of WeChat. WeChat does not have the limitation of distance. After registering WeChat, users can form a contact with the same “friends” registered around them. Users can subscribe to the information they need. The merchants can promote their products by providing the information they need, thus achieving peer-to-peer Marketing.

6, Articles Marketing:

Articles advertisements are “text advertisements” written by the market planners or the copywriters of the advertising company. Compared with other advertisements, Article ads are easy to accept.

7, Self-Media Marketing:

The self-media platform includes personal blogs, Weibo, WeChat, forum, etc. There are a lot of online celebrity active in the self-media platform.

8. New Media Marketing:

New media marketing refers to the use of new media platforms for marketing models. The short video platform is popular with many people, such as huoshan, TikTok etc….

Advantage of digital Marketing

1. Multi-dimensional marketing

The combination of traditional media and online media organically conveys rich information, and the combination of pictures, texts, sounds and images will greatly enhance the effectiveness of online publicity.

2. The most dynamic consumer groups

According to statistics, 72% of Internet users are concentrated in economically developed regions, and the relative cultural level of the audience is relatively high. Therefore, the target group is the consumer group with the highest level of social level, high income and most vitality.

3. Low cost, fast speed and flexible change

The network promotion production cycle is shor, and the promotion content can be changed in time according to the needs of the customer, and the traditional marketing production cost is high, and the delivery period is fixed.

4. Interactive and deep

Strong interactivity is the biggest advantage of Internet media. It is different from the one-way communication of traditional media, but the interactive communication of information. Through the link, users can share resources with a simple click of the mouse.

5. Perfect statistics

“Cannot be measured, cannot be managed.” Internet marketing can more accurately count user information, allowing you to detect the effectiveness of your ads in real time.

6. High audience attention

According to the data, TV can’t concentrate people’s attention. 40% of TV viewers are reading at the same time, 21% do housework, 13% are eating and drinking, 12% are playing with toys, 10% are cooking, and 9% are writing. 8% are on the phone. And 55% of online users don’t do anything when they use the computer.

7. Wide range of transmission

Through the Internet, online publicity can spread information 24 hours a day to every corner of the world. Anyone can read it anywhere, as long as they have access to the Internet. This is something that traditional media cannot achieve.

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