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How To Register QQ Account 2019?

How to register QQ account 2019?

QQ is the China social software app of Tencent. The QQ account(ID) is composed of numbers. The QQ account is randomly selected by the system when the user registers. The shortest QQ account at the beginning of QQ registration is five digits. Now you may apply for a 10-digit or 11-digit QQ account. Basically every Chinese person uses QQ online communication, so if you sign up for a QQ account, then you can communicate with friends in China, or use QQ to carry out your business.

However, outside of China, you may encounter various problems when registering QQ account. As an internet expert in China, I will tell you how to register a QQ account. And i will answer the questions you encountered during the registration process.

Please read the entire registration process carefully, then you will get a QQ account very easily. let’s go!

1. How to register a QQ account outside of China?

2. Frequently Asked Questions

How to register a QQ account outside of China?

1. Visit the QQ registration page

Search in Google: QQ registration, click on the QQ registration link (usually the first link, as shown), or you can visit the official website of QQ registration:

2. If you are not an English webpage, choose your language

3. Fill in your Nickname and password

Nickname and password cannot be empty. Password can not contain spaces, and must is 8-16 characters, please set a secure password and remember it.Nickname and password can be modified after successful registration.

4. Fill in the phone number and verification code

Choose the region where your phone number is located. Note that it is not your current location, but which country your phone belongs to.

For example, my mobile phone number is Chinese, so I choose +86

Next clicking “send” to send the verification code, in the next few minutes you will receive a mobile verification code and fill it into the code.

5. Sign up now

First you need to select “I have read and agreed to the Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy” and then click “Sign up now”

6. Sign-up successful

Your QQ account registration is successful.
For example, 764844435 is my new QQ account.
Note: This account will be recycled if you were not to log in in three days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the server always be busy?

This may be the reason for Tencent’s system, or it may be that you have too many registrations. There are two ways you can do next:

  1. Change the registration time. China Beijing time 20:00 – 8:00 will be better.
  2. Change the computer or IP.
  3. Network Error
    Reason: The IP and cookie records are rejected.
    1. After ADSL is disconnected, connect again.
    2.Tools–Internet Options–clear browser history and cookies
    3. Close all browser windows and reopen your browser.

2. Can I register for the QQ account if I don’t have a mobile number?

The answer is no, you must use the mobile phone number to register QQ.

3.Not valid phone nummber

Maybe your phone has been registered too many times, or you have selected the wrong region.

  1. Check if the regional settings are correct
  2. Register with your friend’s phone number then change to your own phone number.

4. Can I use QQ register or log in WeChat?

No, although QQ and WeChat are Tencent’s social apps, for security reasons, WeChat must be registered with a mobile phone number.
You can bind it to QQ after registering WeChat, so you can log in to WeChat with your QQ account.

5. what is QQ ID?

The QQ id is also called QQ number, which is an account composed of numbers.
For example, the QQ number I applied above is 764844435.

6. Can I register for QQ on a phone?

Yes, you can download the QQ APP in the Google Store and follow the prompts to register.

If you have any questions, Please comment below, I will reply when I am free.

Good luck!


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  1. Hey! I am having a problem. Whenever I try signing up it says the server is busy. I have never registered with this number. I actually have never tried to register so I have not tried too many times. The first time I tried I had this error. If you could help me that would be great. Thanks in advance.

    1. I recommend that you do the following:
      1, change the registration time, you can try at 8 o’clock in Beijing time.
      2, change your browser
      3. Register with your friend’s mobile number and then change to your mobile number.

  2. I have been trying for so long. I get the same error. Also, thank you for replying. Is there any way you could set me up an account?
    If you have discord could you add me? Lucian#6647
    You can also email me at
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello there , I have a problem, I am from bangladesh and whenever I try to register it says “Servers are too busy” i have tried from different devices, different phone numbers, and I ensured everything was correct, can you please open an account for me from your place if i give you my number and password ?

  4. yea i’ve been trying for like 2-3 months now to register for a QQ account and i just constantly get “Servers are busy…” no matter what number i use, nor what browser i use lol. any help?

    1. Can you change your IP address? I think it would be better to register it in Chinese IP.

      1. Can you help me just email me and ill send you the infdo i just want to make account could you help me?

  5. Hello. I tried many times but it always says “server is too busy”. Can I ask some help from you to make a qq account for me? I really need to have my own QQ account. I hope you could help me to make one. Thank you so much.

  6. Hello. Can you please help me make a QQ account? I had tried many times but it didn’t work. Thank you so much.

  7. can you help me to open an qq account? i have tried several times and it say server busy all the times. please do help me to register an account by email please?

  8. Pls can you help me to open a qq account I want to play games from wegame but ir requires a qq account. I have tried with all the possibles solution help me pls.

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