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Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites In China (2019)

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites in China (2019)

There are many social media sites in China. Here we list Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites in China. If you want to communicate with Chinese or learn Chinese internet culture, you must know these apps and social media platforms. Following these popular social media platforms will help you better carry out digital marketing in China and promote your brand. Let us start!

1. WeChat: Most popular social media in China

WeChat is an instant messaging app released by Tencent in 2011. It is a free social media software that can be used in almost everywhere in China. It facilitates the lives of Chinese and improves the efficiency of Chinese life. According to statistics, there are 1 billion people in China who use WeChat. Everyone spends more than 5 hours a day on WeChat! Here is a detailed WeChat registration tutorial

What can WeChat do?

1. Instant messaging

It is the most basic function of WeChat, you can use WeChat to send messages to friends (text, images or videos).

2. Video

I really like this feature, because with the video chat feature you can chat face to face with friends, no matter your friends around the world.

3. WeChat Pay

This is like a credit card, you can use WeChat Pay in many places in China, such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores. Every place has a QR code for the payment, which can be paid by using WeChat to scan the QR code. And with WeChat payment, you can also transfer money to a friend, so you don’t have to go to the bank.

4. Mini Program

The mini program is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It realizes the dream of the application “at your fingertips”. You can open the application by swiping or searching in Wechat. Just like you opened the youtube app on facebook, Amazing!

5. WeChat Official Accounts Platform

WeChat’s best marketing platform, using the WeChat Official Accounts Platform, everyone can become a publisher. You can create your own WeChat Official Accounts Platform for internet marketing.

6. WeChat Moments

In the Moments you can share what happened around you. Your friends will see what you share. In China, there are lots of people who like Moments. But there are some ads in the Moments, which can be annoying.

2. QQ: Popular IM App In China

QQ is the abbreviation of Tencent QQ, which is an Internet-based instant messaging (IM) software developed by Tencent. Currently, QQ has covered many mainstream platforms such as Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The sign of QQ is a little penguin wearing a red scarf. If you want to sign up for a QQ account, here are the best guides: How to register QQ account 2019?

Features Of QQ

1. Instant messaging

QQ supports online chat, voice chat and video chat. You can communicate with friends or strangers online to enhance the emotion between people. It is a convenient, practical and ultra-efficient instant communication tool.

2. Transmission function

We can transfer files and share files on QQ. We can transfer files directly from the computer to the mobile phone or mobile phone to the computer, or send them to other people conveniently and quickly.

3. QQ Group

The QQ group is a long-term stable public chat room that aggregates a certain number of QQ users, which can accommodate many people. A group of like-minded partners can share their experiences in QQ group.

4. Qzone

Qzone is a personality space developed by Tencent in 2005. It has the function of blog and has been loved by many people since its inception. You can post updates in Qzone, like to comment on other people’s dynamics, enhance interaction with friends, and increase intimacy.

5. QQ Mail

QQ Mail is a mailbox product launched by Tencent in 2002 to provide users with secure, stable, fast and convenient email services.
If you have a QQ account, you will get a QQ Mail, for example, your QQ number is 123456, then your QQ Mail is

Both QQ and WeChat are Tencent’s social media platforms, but they have some differences: What are the differences between WeChat and QQ?

3. Weibo: Chinese Version Of Twitter

There are many Weibo platforms in China, such as Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo. But now Sina Weibo is the most used. People talk about Weibo basically refers to Sina Weibo.

6 Features of Sina Weibo

  • Publishing: You can post content like blogs(within 140 words), including text, images, videos, etc.
  • Forwarding: You can forward content to their own Weibo (the forwarding function is an improvement of the twitter RT function, retaining the original post, avoiding being tampered with during the transmission process). You can also add your own comments when forwarding. .
  • Follow: You can follow people they like and become the followers of this user (Fans).
  • Comment: You can comment on any Weibo. (It is a special feature based on Chinese user habits.)
  • Search: You can insert a topic between two ##.
  • Private message: The user can click on Message to send a private message to any user on Sina Weibo who has opened the private mail port. This private message will only be seen by the other party.

Do you want to market on Weibo? Here is the best plan:

4. Baidu Tieba:  Largest Chinese Community In The World

Baidu tieba is an independent brand of Baidu,it is the largest Chinese community in the world. The idea of Baidu tieba comes from Baidu CEO Robin Li: Combine search engines to create an online communication platform that brings together people who are interested in the same topic to facilitate communication and help each other.

Baidu tieba is a keyword-based theme communication community that closely integrates with search to accurately grasp user needs and generate interest.

Features of Baidu Tieba

1. Manual information aggregation method to supplement search engine

For those who find a post based on the needs of information search, getting information about a topic is often a basic goal. But search engines are difficult to meet this demand with high quality. Baidu Tieba can make people transition from machine search to manual information integration. People with different resources realize information sharing here, and the relationship between information demand and supply is clearer.Tieba is a useful complement to search engines like Baidu.

2. Fast gathering of common interest lovers

Although there are many communities of interest-lovers on the Internet, how to find them is not an easy task, and finding a representative community is even more difficult. The most important feature of Baidu Tieba is that it uses its popularity and status in the search engine field to provide the most convenient way for a variety of interested fans to gather. As long as you know Baidu, you can find the same person through keywords.

3. Deep interaction

Unlike many communities, the community created by Baidu Tieba is often a community with a very closed topic. For example: a certain star, a certain film and television work or even a certain song. Although in theory these communities can have more open discussion topics, most members are more willing to communicate around a closed theme, which promotes the depth of interaction.

4. Catalyst for “Fans culture”

The rapid popularity of Baidu Tieba is closely related to the popularity of “fans” and “fan culture”. In the development of “fan culture”, Baidu Tieba also played an important role.

In China, fans mainly refers to the admirers of a certain star (or Internet celebrity).

5. Zhihu: China’s largest Q&A community platform(Quora)

It is a network question and answer community that connects users from all walks of life. The users share their knowledge, experience and insights, zhihu provide a variety of information for the Chinese Internet.
To be precise, Zhihu is more like a forum: users can discuss around a topic of interest, and can also focus on people with the same interests.

Features of Zhihu

  1. Zhihu encourages people to discuss issues.
  2. Every registered user has a hidden PR (Person Rank), and each of your operations will directly affect your personal PR. In the answer, the order of the answers is sorted according to the number of votes, and if the number of votes is the same, the individual PR are sorted, and the answers that are considered invalid are hidden. This way filters a lot of spam.
  3. Zhihu originally required a friend invitation to register., first, ensure the authenticity of the user’s real name, second, to avoid generating too much spam. Now with the openness of the Internet, anyone can register to Zhihu.
  4. Credit-based SNS relationship. There are a lot of professionals in Zhihu answering questions.
  5. Zhihu is similar to Quora, but Zhihu are still many functions that need to be improved.

6. Douyin: Short video sharing platform (TikTok)

Douyin is a social software that can shoot short videos. It was launched in September 2016 and is a platform for young people to share music short video community. You can select songs by Douyin and shoot short videos of music to form your own work. Internationally, Douyin is also known as TikTok.
You can share your life through Douyin App, and you can also recognize more friends and learn about Gonzo here.
There are many interesting features in Douyin. You can make videos more creative, not simple videos, through video capture, video editing, effects (repeat, flash, slow motion).

If you want to advertise on the Douyin, please visit:

7. Douban: Community website about books and video

Douban is a community website created on March 6, 2005. At the beginning of the establishment, Douban only provides information on books and video. The all information on the website is provided by the user. It is a typical web2.0 website. Now Douban also provides a variety of service functions such as book audio and video recommendation, city activities, group topic exchanges, etc., and is committed to helping urban people discover useful things in life.

8. Kuaishou: Short video apps

Kuaishou is a short video social platform, It was released in March 2011 and started as a mobile app for creating and sharing GIF images. In November 2012, Kuaishou changed from a tool APP to a short video community for users to record and share life on the platform. Now, with the popularity of smart phones, Kuaishou have become more and more popular.

In Kuaishou, users can record their lives with photos and short videos, or interact with fans through live broadcasts. The content of Kuaishou covers all aspects of life, and users are spread all over the country. Here, people can find what they like, find people they are interested in, and find a more real and interesting world.
Unlike Douyin, Kuaishou users are concentrated in second- and third-tier cities in China, so if you want to share your own things with other people, this is a great social media APP.

9. Xiaohongshu: lifestyle platform and consumer decision-making portal

Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle platform and consumer decision-making portal. As of 2019, the number of Xiaohongshu users has exceeded 200 million, 70% of which are Post-90s.
In the Xiaohongshu community, users share their purchased products with other users through text, pictures, and video notes.

E-commerce of Xiaohongshu

In October 2014, Xiaohongshu e-commerce went online to help Chinese people buy overseas products.
Xiaohongshu has accumulated overseas shopping data, analyzes the most popular products and global shopping trends, and on this basis, provides the world’s good things to users in the shortest path and the most concise way.

Uniqueness of Xiaohongshu e-commerce:

  1. Word of mouth marketing. Xiaohongshu has a community where real users share word-of-mouth. The community is a huge library of user-friends.
  2. Choose the product that best meets the user’s needs. Xiaohongshu has accumulated a large amount of consumer word-of-mouth, just like tens of millions of users discover and share the world’s good things on this platform. In addition, users’ browsing, praise will generate a lot of data. Through these data, Xiaohongshu can accurately analyze the needs of users and ensure that the purchased products are highly praised by users.

10. MoMo: Open mobile video social APP in China

MOMO is a geographically-based open mobile video social APP in China.
At MOMO, you can show yourself through video, text, voice, and pictures, and discover real-time, effective, and healthy social relationships based on geographic location.
The vision of MoMo is to hope that people can discover the beauty and novelty around them through the mobile Internet.Through MoMo, users can more easily use the geographical location information to discover nearby people, and more convenient interaction with people, reducing social thresholds and enhancing more realistic interaction.
Because MoMo is geographically based, if you are no longer in China, this software may not work for you.

These are the 10 most popular APP in China. Go to the app store to download them and enjoy them.

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