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China Social Media Marketing

We are a Chinese social media marketing agency. we provides Chinese social media marketing services. Chinese social network mainly has WeChat and Weibo, we can do WeChat ads and Weibo advertising. Social media platform marketing is a relatively good digital marketing method, and this marketing method can be spread quickly. China’s WeChat is similar to whatapp, and Weibo is similar to Twitter. In China, many companies choose social media marketing. For example, web celebrity marketing is also a social media marketing. Doing a good job in Sina weibo marketing and WeChat marketing will be of great help to International company.

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China Social Media Marketing

YIQUAN is the best social media marketing agency in China.
In China, more than 1 billion people are using WeChat. WeChat marketing campaign is very important for international companies. We can provide Wechat business account, wechat service account, wechat subscription account, wechat marketing strategy, wechat fans, wechat promotion, wechat advertising, etc.
In China, more than 400 million people are using Weibo. For Sina Weibo’s marketing, we provide video marketing, web celebrity marketing, Weibo registration, Weibo promotion, Weibo advertising, Weibo fans and so on.
Also, we can also provide other social media marketing services, such as QQ, douyin, Baidu Post Bar.
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Frequently Asked Question

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WeChat is an application that Tencent launched on January 21, 2011.WeChat can provide instant messaging services for smart terminals. It is like WhatsApp and Messenger. There are about 1 billion users on WeChat in China, and people can send voice, pictures, videos and texts via WeChat. People with the same hobbies can form groups, and good friends can also form groups.
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In China, WeChat and Weibo are social media tools.
Weibo is mainly based on interest. The relationship quality is weak, mostly one-way communication. The focus is on the speed and content of the communication. The speed and breadth of information dissemination can be very fast on Weibo.
WeChat is a social tool. The relationship between resumes is in social relations. The relationship quality is strong, mostly two-way relationship. The focus is on the exchange and interaction of private content. The speed of information dissemination is not fast, but the audience information digestibility is very high.
In short: Weibo is essentially a media tool with social features; the essence of WeChat is social tools, and there are some media features.

On WeChat we can send videos to friends or share them with friends. We can also send the video to the WeChat subscription account

Sina Weibo is a social software launched by Sina. With more than 400 million users in China, Sina Weibo is a broadcast-style social networking platform that shares short-lived information through a mechanism of attention. On Sina Weibo, people can share interesting things for everyone.
More:Wikipedia-Sina Weibo

KOL is a Key Opinion Leader; they generally have their own professional identity, they can be on Weibo, WeChat, TV or magazine.
Cewebrity refers to people who are popular in the network because of an event or behaviour, mainly in live videos and communities.

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