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How To Submit Website Or Sitemap To Baidu-2019 SEO Guide

How to submit website or sitemap to Baidu-2019 SEO Guide

Submitting website or sitemap to Baidu is an important step in Chinese Baidu SEO. If your website’s URL is not indexed by Baidu, or it is new website in chinese for Baidu search engine, you need to submit sitemap or URL to Baidu. It is can promote the ranking of the website. In this tutorial I will tell you how to submit website to Baidu in detail.

1. Create Baidu account
2. Submit website to Baidu

Create Baidu account

Using a Baidu account, you can access all of Baidu’s products, such as Baidu Webmaster Tools, Baidu zhidao, Baidu tieba, etc. Baidu account is similar to Google account, Baidu webmaster tools is similar to Google Search console. Here we register Baidu account mainly for using Baidu webmaster tools. Because we need to submit sitemap through Baidu Webmaster Tools.

Step1: Vist:, Click Login, and the login page will pop up. If you have an account, please log in directly. If not, please click to create an account.

Step2: Fill in the registration information

  1. Username: Cannot be changed after setting.Both Chinese and English are available, up to 14 English or 7 Chinese characters.
  2. Phone number: Only mainland China mobile numbers are allowed. Other users cannot see your call number.
  3. Password: The length is 8-14 characters, no spaces are allowed.
  4. Verification code: Fill in the verification code received by your mobile phone number.
  5. Read and accept the Baidu User Agreement and the Baidu Privacy Protection Statement, then click Register.

Congratulations on your successful registration of Baidu account, then you can log in to your Baidu account.

Submit website to Baidu

1. Login to Baidu account

Visit to log in to your Baidu account that has been successfully registered.

2. Submit website to Baidu

You can use either automatic submission or manual submission.

2.1 Automatic submission

Proactive submission

The fastest way to submit, it is recommended that you push the new link of the site to Baidu in this way to ensure that the new link can be indexed in Baidu in time.

Automatic submission

The automatically pushed JS code is placed in the source code of each page of the site. When the page is accessed, the page link will be automatically pushed to Baidu, which is beneficial to the new page being discovered by Baidu faster.

Sitemap (recommend)

You can periodically put the site link into the Sitemap and submit the Sitemap to Baidu. Baidu periodically crawls and checks the Sitemap you submit, and processes the links in it.
Baidu Sitemap protocol supports three formats: text format, xml format, and Sitemap index format. You can choose to submit a sitemap in any format.

2.2 Manual submission

If you don’t want to submit through the program, you can manually submit the link to Baidu in this way.


#1. The link submission tool is a tool for the website to actively push data to Baidu search. This tool can shorten the time when the crawler discovers the link of the website. The latest content of the website suggests using the link submission tool. The webmaster tool speeds up the crawler crawling speed and does not solve the problem of whether the content of the website is indexed.

#2. Baidu search resource platform provides a link submission channel for the webmaster. You can submit a link that you want to be included in Baidu. Baidu search engine will process according to the standard, but there is no guarantee that you can index the link you submitted.

#3. You can use the “site:your website” to check if the website or URL is indexed.



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