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Chinese Social Media Weibo Marketing

Chinese social media Weibo marketing

Weibo marketing is a way of online marketing of social media in China. It refers to a marketing method implemented by the Weibo platform to create value for businesses and individuals.

Weibo marketing uses Weibo as a marketing platform. Every listener (fan) is a potential marketing target. Enterprises use their own weibo to spread corporate information and product information to netizens and establish a good corporate image and product image. You can exchange content with your audiences every day, or you can post topics of interest to your fans, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing.

Weibo marketing pays attention to the transmission of value, the interaction of content, the layout of the system, and the accurate positioning. The fiery development of Weibo also makes its marketing effect particularly significant. The scope of Weibo marketing includes certification, effective fans, friends, topics, famous blogs, KOL, open platforms, and overall operations.

Weibo marketing features

  1. The release threshold is low, the cost is much smaller than other advertisement, but the effect is good.
    Publishing information in 140 words is far easier than blog publishing, and it is more economical for ads with the same effect. Compared with traditional mass media (newspapers, streaming media, television, etc.), the audience is equally broad, weibo with an small investment and low maintenance costs.
  2. The transmission effect is good, the speed is fast, and the coverage is wide.
    Weibo information supports a variety of platforms, including mobile phones, computers and other traditional media. At the same time, the way of communication is diverse, and forwarding is very convenient.
  3. The effect, targeted
    Weibo marketing is a new type of network marketing model with less investment and quicker effect. Its marketing methods can get the most benefit in a short period of time.
  4. Diversified, humanized
    Technically, Weibo marketing can easily use text, pictures, videos and other forms of presentation at the same time. From the perspective of humanity, the weibo of the corporate brand itself can be anthropomorphized and more affinity.
  5. Openness
    Weibo is almost a openness topic that can be discussed, and there is no constraint. Weibo is to open up to customers.
  6. Close distance
    The government can discuss with the people. Stars can interact with fans. Weibo is actually getting closer.
  7. Fast propagation speed
    One of the most striking features of Weibo is its rapid spread.
  8. Convenience
    Weibo only needs to write a copy of 140 words or less, which will be reviewed by Weibo.
  9. High-tech
    Weibo marketing can use a number of advanced multimedia technologies to describe products in a multi-dimensional manner, so that potential consumers can receive information more directly.
  10. Simple operation
    Information is easy to publish. A weibo, up to 140 words, can be completed with a simple idea. This is much more convenient than blogging. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to conceive a good blog post.
  11. Strong interaction
    Communicate instantly with fans and get user feedback in a timely manner.

Weibo marketing classification

  1. Personal weibo marketing
    Many individual weibo marketing is the ability of individuals to get the attention of others, such as stars, successful businessmen or more successful people in the society. They use Weibo to let their fans further understand and like themselves. To them, Weibo is more effective in expressing their feelings, and utilitarianism is not very obvious. Their marketing effect is generally achieved by fans.
  2. Enterprise Weibo Marketing
    Enterprises generally aim at profitability. They often use Weibo to increase their popularity, and finally they can sell their products. Often, enterprise Weibo marketing is much more difficult because of limited popularity. Short Weibo can’t give consumers an intuitive understanding of goods. When weibo marketing, enterprises should establish their own fixed consumer groups, communicate with fans and interact more, do more corporate promotion work.
  3. Industry News Weibo Marketing
    Weibo, which publishes industry information as the main content, can often attract the attention of many users, similar to electronic publications subscribed to by e-mail or rss subscriptions. Weibo content becomes the carrier of marketing, and the number of subscribers determines the weibo marketing value. Therefore, operating industry information weibo and operating an industry information website are very similar in many aspects, and need to make great efforts in content planning and dissemination.

Weibo marketing skills

  1. Focus on the transfer of value
    Weibo has hundreds of millions of users, and only those Weibo that can create value for viewers are valuable. Only in this way can Weibo achieve the desired business purpose.
  2. Pay attention to weibo personalization
    Weibo is characterized by “relationship” and “interaction”. Therefore, enterprise weibo should give people feelings, thinking, responding, and having their own characteristics and personality.
    A viewer thinks that your Weibo is similar to other Weibo, or that other Weibo can replace you. It is unsuccessful. This is the same as the positioning of the brand, it must shape the personality. Such a weibo can attract a large number of fans and attention.
  3. Pay attention to the continuity of the release
    Weibo is like an e-magazine that is updated at any time. It is necessary to pay attention to timing, quantitative and targeted content distribution, so that everyone can develop viewing habits. When people log in to Weibo, they can think about what’s new in your Weibo. This is the best effect of Weibo marketing. Although it is difficult to achieve, we still have to work hard.
  4. Focus on interactivity
    The charm of Weibo is interaction. It is very dangerous to have a group of non-speaking fans, because they will gradually become fans who don’t look at your content, and finally they are more likely to leave. Therefore, interactivity is the key to the continued development of Weibo. Corporate promotional information cannot exceed 10% of Weibo information, and the best ratio is 3%-5%. More information should be incorporated into the content that fans are interested in.
  5. Pay attention to systematic layout
    Any marketing campaign that wants to achieve sustained and great success cannot be separated from the system. Although Weibo marketing seems simple, it requires a lot of skill to operate.
    If companies want Weibo to play a bigger role, they should be included in the overall marketing plan, so that Weibo has the opportunity to play more roles.
  6. Pay attention to accurate positioning
    A lot of Weibo fans is of course a good thing, but for corporate Weibo, the quality of “fans” is more important. Because the ultimate business value of enterprise weibo requires valuable fans. This involves the problem of Weibo positioning. Many companies complain that the number of Weibo users is over 10,000, and there are few people who can reprint and leave messages. The publicity effect is not obvious. One of the most important reasons for this is that the positioning is not accurate.
  7. Management Enterprise Weibo
    Weibo spreads very fast. When the high speed of communication is combined with the scale of transmission, the effect created may be positive or negative. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively manage the double-edged sword of enterprise weibo.

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