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What Are The Differences Between WeChat And QQ?

What are the differences between WeChat and QQ?

WeChat and QQ are important social media Apps in China. QQ is Tencent’s first social software, but now WeChat is the most used. As a social product of Tencent, what is the difference between these two social platforms? We will conduct an in-depth analysis of the four aspects of the background, development, business model and functional differences.

1. Background

2. Development

3. Business model

4. Functional differences



On April 20, 1994, China passed a 64K international special line and fully functional access to the Internet. This became the starting point of the Internet era in China, and the Chinese Internet era has since opened. Although China opened the Internet in 1994, the Internet really entered the homes of ordinary people and began to leap forward in 1997, It was the first year of the Chinese Internet.

In 1997, China Telecom launched a relatively inexpensive 163 network and 169 network for domestic users, so that ordinary users can apply for an online account from the telecommunications bureau. At that time, the website was charged according to time. Therefore, the main popular BBS in the character terminal mode was CFIDO (China Huiduo). You don’t need to go online, you only need to dial and dial the modem to receive and send posts. Pony ma(Ma Huateng) is The stationmaster of Shenzhen at that time. At this time, the communication is still a one-to-one connection, and the cycle is relatively long, and it is still a DOS-based operating system.

QQ 2004 version

At that time, the communication was mainly BB machine, and the mobile phone has already begun to take shape. In this historical background, with the continuous reduction of network tariffs and the mature development of technology, QQ was born, solving the problem of instant messaging. The connection and high-speed information transmission are the main features of QQ.


Before the advent of WeChat, there was a social software based on mobile phone contacts-KIKI, which attracted 1 million users within 15 days, it has an extremely simple user experience and an absolutely true friend network.

But this social media APP ended in failure, but Allen Zhang(Zhang Xiaolong) saw this opportunity – the mobile Internet era has been different from the traditional Internet, and it needs a social product that adapts to the mobile Internet. On January 21, 2011, WeChat was born.

In fact, there was a more powerful opponent at that time, “Mi chat”. The birth of “Mi chat” was earlier than WeChat, but after the common influence of various factors, the last success was WeChat.


It can be seen from the background:

  1. QQ is an early product on the Internet, the main concern is that strangers socialize, and the terminal is a computer.
  2. WeChat is produced in the era of mobile Internet. The main entry point is that acquaintances socialize, and the terminals are mainly smart phones.

Although both QQ and WeChat are constantly updated, their background has largely determined their direction.



The development history of QQ can be said to be the epitome of the development of the entire Internet industry. Behind every function update, there are related technologies and changes in the overall trend of the Internet. QQ is a social media platform that has existed since 1999. It is also following the footsteps of the Internet era to constantly improve itself and set the benchmark for the industry.

Although QQ is constantly updated, compared to the version launched in 1999, QQ core functions are still three-to-one chat, group chat and file transfer.


WeChat is taking the route from acquaintances to socializing strangers, and WeChat is not only socializing, but also building an ecological chain. Now WeChat has become a super APP.

Although the function of WeChat is more and more, the function plug-in is the main reason why WeChat is not bloated.


The overall trend of QQ is the transformation route from the weak relationship chain to the strong relationship chain, while WeChat is the development route from the strong relationship chain to the weak relationship to the platform.

Slowly, the gap between QQ and WeChat will become bigger and bigger. In the near future, there may be no more people comparing QQ and WeChat, because for WeChat, social is just one of the functions.


Business model

QQ value-added services mainly charge users, while WeChat mainly charges companies. In particular, we can see from WeChat payment that WeChat provides more third-party service interfaces, in addition to Didi, Meituan, Vipshop, etc., and also provides government-related services, such as social security, provident fund and so on.

In addition, QQ is more to attract users for Tencent, including the first batch users of WeChat early relies on QQ. Therefore, there are big differences in the business models of the two.

Functional differences

WeChat payment VS QQ payment

Although WeChat payment and QQ payment are the same in most of the module design, based on the user characteristics and usage scenarios of WeChat and QQ, the prominent points are different:

  1. WeChat payment covers almost all usage scenarios, and WeChat payment is a strategic product that competes with Alipay. The resources behind it are more than QQ. For example, many supermarkets and even governments use WeChat payment.
  2. QQ payment just stays online. It can be seen from the interface that QQ payment is mainly used to charge Q coins, buy members, and recharge games.

The launch of the WeChat red envelope function has allowed WeChat payment to occupy more markets. It can be said that WeChat without WeChat payment cannot grow to what it is today. For QQ, QQ payment is not important.

Wechat moments VS QQ zone

User can use Wechat moments and QQ zone to share feelings, but there is a big difference. The circle of friends draws on the instagram picture sharing function. Every friend circle has a picture, and then forms your photo album, and QQ zone supports various forms of dynamics, pure text, voice, and video.

In addition, one of the biggest features of the circle of friends is to display only the comments and likes of the common friends: on the one hand, the privacy of the users is ensured, and on the other hand, the mutual friends can enhance the identity among the users. The QQ zone is more open, and you can see everyone’s comments and likes, and the interaction is stronger.

Although the user group age of WeChat is higher than QQ, the gap is getting smaller and smaller, and the users of WeChat are getting younger and younger.

If you have questions about using WeChat and QQ, please feel free to comment.

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